In today's world, success hinges on technology
and at its core lies
Software Architecture
However, the answer to any software architecture question is
It depends
There are so many aspects to think about
We are here to tell you
What it depends on for YOU
and partner with you to amplify your
Growth & Distinctive Competence
Architecture guidance and tech direction, to help startups focus on the

Right Things at the Right Time

Where do we play

Our Mission

Commercial Services

  • CTO Advisory & Roadmapping: Assisting Founders and CTOs in crafting a comprehensive tech and product strategy & meaningful roadmap, integrated with architectural guidance and mentoring services.
  • Architect in Residence: Offering both long-term architectural guidance which is within the operating context, and short-term problem-solving, adaptable to a company's evolving needs.
  • Architects Mentoring & Chief Architect’s Office Setup: Structuring of the Chief Architect Office partnering with the Chief Architect(or alternate tech stakeholders) in empowering and enabling the Architects as a strong community that has an elevated role in driving the organization's technology leverage.
  • Technology Due Diligence: Providing thorough tech evaluations for startups, aiding investment decisions for funds and progress assessments for companies.
Our Services

Ecosystem Play

  • Startup Mentorship & Counselling: Offering brainstorming and idea validation support for early-stage startups.
  • Tech for Bharat: Collaborating with institutions like IISc and Artpark to support technology development focused on Indian needs.
  • Senior Engineer Mentorship Program: Connecting senior engineers across the ecosystem for cross-company mentoring and skill development.

The team

Chief Tech Advisor


Utkarsh B

Tech visionary with 20+ years of experience driving scalable, fault-tolerant systems for diverse industries, adept at strategic decision-making for technology and product.

Flipkart Amazon

Architect in Residence


Sarika Atri

Software architect experienced across diverse domains, adept at balancing business needs with systems simplicity, excels in technology innovation and mentoring.

Hotstar Flipkart Google Workspan

Architect in Residence


Anantharam Vanchiprakash

Passionate tech expert with a knack for crafting large-scale, impactful systems. Expert at aligning tech and product strategies to unlock the potential of engineers and teams.

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