XMPlify’s First and Memorable Roadshow in Americas

I am happy to share that XMPlify has successfully completed its first ever roadshow in North America – from NY to Silicon Velley and including Canada. We are grateful for the opportunities to meet & connect with quite a few of business associates and IT enthusiasts who share similar mindset and are equally passionate about growing their digital transformation businesses. It was really encouraging. I could sense the synergy and looking forward to grow these relationships. 

In nut-shell, XMPlify is gearing up to announce a series of strategic partnerships and business alliances in Americas by the end of this year – stay tuned. This will ascertain constant flow of business and take XMPlify to the next level. XMPlify is equally committed to build win-win situations and contribute in our partners’ growth.

It suffices to say that these are overwhelming outcomes in such a short time. We strongly believe that we are connecting with right people at the right time and I am charged up and feel increasingly confident about the journey I have taken up. 

And meanwhile, It was an honor to see such a positive response on XMPlify announcement on social networks – genuinely inspiring. I thank you all for the encouragement, love and likes, I owe a lot to you all, and  God willing, I will put in my best to live up to your expectations and going beyond. Feeling blessed and keeping grounded.

Visiting 7-8 cities and meeting these many people across NA from east to west in 15 days was quite an adventure but with god’s grace, it all went pretty well (for the most part, more stories to follow 🙂 ). I am grateful to my experience at Streebo, which empowered me to manage a roadshow of such scale. I wish Streebo platform, all Streeboites and X-Streeboites a very good luck – I’m certain that you guys will do wonders in the upcoming journies.

Positive 🙂

Meanwhile, we are growing our team and picking up XM nuggets, please share relevant profiles on careers@xmplify.tech – visit www.xmplify.tech for open positions


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