XMPlify Helps MM Logistics a leading Logistics Company to Accelerate its Digital Transformation Initiatives through an Omni Channel App Solution

December 19, 2018

Ahmedabad, India – XMPlify, a digital transformation company partnered with MM Logistics and designed, developed as well as delivered an Omni Channel App Solution.

The solution helped MM Logistics increase its revenue by 20% with only a 5% increase in the operational expenses within the first few weeks of migration. The expectation is to have at least 50% increases in revenue by 2019 by a mutual plan.

Some of the critical challenges faced by MM Logistics stemmed from lack of visibility in their day-to-day operations. It prevented managers from making real-time decisions in allocating resources which resulted in underused vehicle resources and idle workforce. This problem trickled up and executives were unable to make investment decisions to leverage the market conditions to grow the business.

With a goal to provide real-time insights into MM Logistics’ business operations, it needed to deploy an Omni Channel Solution that can provide a multi-persona UI that encompasses day-to-day operations as well as get distilled key business performance indicators for an enhanced and intelligent decision making.

Both XMPlify and MM Logistics teams collaborated to create a digital transformation strategy with a clear operational roadmap. XMPlify executed the initial phase of foundation and in the second phase designed, developed and delivered the Omni channel application using Agile software development methodology.

A robust and scalable solution built by XMPlify technology experts automated the MM’s complete logistics operation and allows customer teams to baseline delivery times, track vehicle locations, use optimized routing and overall make informed decisions in a timely manner.

There was a significant increase in the revenue as the new solution optimized the operational costs and enabled more clear business visibility on various performance metrics concerning diverse projects, vehicles, maintenance cost, driver cost, fuel, and routes.

The further plan is also to introduce some of the cutting edge technology features like IoT and GEO location sensors to track vehicles, drivers and also keep a close watch on vehicles’ health, such as fuel efficiency and efficiency of other key spare parts.

About MM Logistics – MM Logistics is a Logistics and Supply chain management company with an office in Ahmedabad and Pune, India. Key solutions they provide are Transportation, Warehouse, People Transport Solutions and In-factory logistics.

They are working with some of the marquee large enterprise customers such as Honda, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Groffers and TVS.

About XMPlify – XMPlify is a digital transformation company serving the global enterprise. The company provides IT and Business Consulting services with an integrated approach that brings together diverse skill sets of experts, cutting-edge technologies and tested methodologies. They deliver services in the areas of UI/UX engineering, Mobile App Development, Digital Analytics, Omni Channel Solutions, Content Management, Application Performance Management and DevOps Enablement.

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