Omni Channel Insurance Solution

The insurance customer of today is a digital native, who wants comprehensive solutions and a personalized experience that is transparent, seamless, and secure. Scale and scope of technology innovation will continue at an accelerated pace with an increasingly commonplace access to internet and major advances predicted within Mobile technologies. Increased share of digitally engaged customers also mean that insurers will have to rethink the way they interact with their customers and other stakeholder and ensure that they have the right mix of
digital technologies to meet the changing expectations of the customer while enabling agents and partners without losing consistency in the experience.

Issuance of an insurance policy can be a lengthy and multi-step procedure. With each step, there is an increased risk of stalling the nitiation or even losing the customer to a competitor offering better policy purchase experience. XMPlify’s Omnichannel Insurance Portal covers Livestock Insurance, Credit Life, Life Insurance and General Insurance Products incorporating a competent omnichannel insurance application.

XMPlify’s addresses these challenges with a comprehensive Omnichannel Insurance Automation Solution and Livestock insurance application with following key capabilities:

  • KYC information both in online and offline mode
  • Identification and collection of necessary information through on-device services like camera
  • Instant calculation of premium amount and payments
  • Enables real-time notifications to the policyholders
  • Online Payment Integration
  • Integration with Insurers API for online policy document in no time

XMPlify Rolled out India’s First Livestock Insurance App through Digital India Initiative Reaching out to Rural Grounds

XMPlify implemented an Omni Channel Livestock Insurance Solution with advanced technology features including image mapping, image recognition, and OCR based tag verification. Ths solution allowed insurance providers to swiftly verify and validate the claim information and drastically reduce claim processing time from months to less than 15 days. The mobile application also incorporated a number of advanced capabilities including GEO location, IoT, and deep analytics to empower field executives to enable efficient policy management.

Key Benefits for Insurance Companies through Our Solution

  • Quick Claims Processing and Management
  • Enhancements in Digital Marketing and Sales
  • Swift Premium Reminders and Collections
  • Improvements in Customer Experience
  • Lower Maintenance Costs

Why XMPlify?

  • Cross-platform Omnichannel Apps
  • Faster Time to Market
  • High-end Security
  • Open to Customizations
  • Supple Deployment Options
  • Experienced and Talented Team

Key Features of XMPlify Omni Channel Solution for Insurance Industry

  • Omni-channel Portal for Livestock
    Insurance, Credit Life Insurance, Life
    Insurance & General Insurance
  • Lead Management
  • ACL – Access/Views based on user roles
    & user reporting hierarchy
  • In-App Notifications
  • API Integration with major Insurers for
    Online Policy creation
  • Native features like Camera, GPS
    Tagging, Barcode, e-Signature
  • Offline Support
  • Quick and Easy Agent Onboarding
  • Quote Generation
  • Policy Workflow Automation
  • Policy Management
  • Online Payment
  • MIS Reports, Analytics and Insights
  • Policy Renewals
  • Claim Workflow Automation
  • Scalability at any Stage