Implement proven technologies through XMPlify that combines infrastructure management with the most modern software-based automation and orchestration.

Application Performance Management (APM)

Improve and enhance digital experiences by opting for real-time performance monitoring. With modern APM solutions, you can not only manage application’s uptime but also improve application performance and keep track of application dependencies in a highly distributed environments.

With advance integrations with DevOps toolchain and features like Compare Release and Docker Visibility, APM allows you to boost feature velocity.

AppDynamics Differentiators

AppDynamics offers an Application Intelligence platform which delivers real-time access to every aspect of your business and operational performance allowing you to foresee problems and automate the repair process in turn enabling intelligent decision making.

With AppDynamics â, enterprises can leverage real-time insights into application topologies and business performance. AppDynamics capabilities are designed ground up  and are based on pioneering, enterprise-grade App iQ Platform that empowers its customers and other stakeholders to make quicker decisions that augment customer engagement and boost operational as well as the business performance at different levels. AppDynamics is inimitably sited to facilitate enterprises to speed up their digital transformations by aggressively monitoring, tracking, analyzing and optimizing multifaceted application environments at scale. Visit for more information.

XMPlify’s with AppDynamics©

XMPlify as a partner to AppDynamics specialize in accelerated deployment of AppDynamicsâ platform. Regardless of your deployment model (SaaS vs. On-Premise), XMPlify can bring in expertise that will reduce your time to value and deliver best-practices driven results with your AppDynamicsâ initiatives. Our experts have engaged with AppDynamicsâ customers to

  • Automate Agent Deployment
  • Secure AppDynamics environments
  • Implement effective Business Transaction Management,
  • Create Intuitive Dashboards
  • Integration with third party tools like Splunk, JIRA, PagerSentry etc.

DevOps Enablement Services

XMPlify’s DevOps enablement services enhance collaboration, visibility and reduce risks making it possible to develop, deliver and release quality products in a predictive fashion.

Continuous Integration (CI)

We follow continuous integration as a software development practice where our team members integrate their work recurrently. Every professional integrates their work on a daily basis forming multiple integrations each day. The integrations are verified by an automated build to find errors as swiftly as possible. Our development teams and users find that this approach drives and leads to far less integration problems. Resulting applications are far-more reliable and performant.

Continuous Delivery (CD)

Continuous delivery has assisted many organizations to become highly agile, lean and in some cases completely reinvent how they do business. Through consistent, low-risk releases, Continuous Delivery incessantly realigns the software development initiatives augmented by the user feedback loops, changing trends in the market and alteration in the business strategies. Our DevOps team has delivered products using a fully automated build-test-release process with Continuous Delivery.

XMPlify for DevOps

Microservices and DevOps

Microservices based architecture initiates a transformation that not only results in refactoring of the code but in an oft observed acceleration in feature development. Projects can be delivered much more swiftly to those requesting responsive, robust and scalable applications. Microservices bring a number of noteworthy benefits, including but not limited to flexible deployment models, increased agility, service-specific security and implicit high availability.

Fault tolerant nature of Microservices allows application owners to absorb the impacts of technical failures and deploy/test multiple features at the same time. Microservices can be deployed in a massively distributed fashion and provide an unimaginable levels scalability as compared to monolithic applications. By design Microservice development results in lightweight self contained units that are perfect for cloud based deployment and allows enterprises to reduce their capital investments and utilise more pay-as-you-go infrastructure using operational funds.

Moreover, Microservices can leverage the agile development methodology, where the application development activities are aligned transversely in different teams that are small in size and work more autonomously.

XMPlify offers Digital Rransformation consulting services to worldwide enterprise customers on projects ranging from Mobile Development, UI/UX Design, Content Management, Omnichannel portal development and Staff augmentation.