One Stop Solution for Start-ups & SMEs to Digitize and Simplify HR Management

XMPlify provides highly differentiated software solutions and services to customers in various industry verticals.  In the latest leap of innovation, XMPlify has launched a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) which will be delivered in Software as a Service model and will be backed by a Mobile app with an Omni-channel enabled interface and promises to digitalize and streamline HR processes of customer organizations.

HRIS software focuses on specific HR needs of Small and Medium sized organizations (SMEs). HR departments in smaller organizations provide essentially the same functions as those of their counterparts in larger enterprises. However, solutions built with large organizations in mind often introduce cost prohibitive barriers to implementation and adoption in smaller companies. High upfront investments and exorbitant infrastructure costs mean that smaller organizations cannot take advantage of automation, modernized HR solution and benefits of digitization.

Single Platform to Handle Your Complete Employee Lifecycle Management

XMPlify’s HRIS removes the roadblocks and allow customers of all sizes to reap benefits of a unified HR platform that offers key capabilities that range from Personalized Configuration Driven Workflows, Easy to use Self-service Interfaces, and integration points for a variety of third-party systems (biometric/fingerprint) in an HR ecosystem.

HRIS boasts a single, unified and complete platform that handles the entire employee lifecycle management from recruiting to off-boarding.

Thoughtful interfaces of HRIS help customers simplify, digitize and automate:

  • Oboarding
  • People Management
  • Leave & Attendance
  • Payroll
  • Statutory Compliance
  • Performance Management
  • Claim Reimbursement
  • Travel & Expense Management

It also enables geofencing and employee self-service capabilities that are required to fully automate the HR functions.

With an innovative and ground up design, HRIS encompasses the complete lifecycle of an HR department in a typical customer organization. With a singular data model that is deliberately conceived, HRIS empowers executives to make informed decisions using tailored dashboards, real-time analytics, and comprehensive reporting engine.

In hands of a savvy executive, XMPlify’s HRIS can be leveraged to transform an HR department into a strategic unit which is more than just an expense line item on a company budget by increasing the productivity of good employees and as a result optimizing one the most important and scarce resource that a company has: the Human Capital.