Marketing Data Analytics Services

We are one of the leading marketing data analytics company in India. Let us help you achieve immediate, clear, actionable correlations between application performance, user experience, and business outcomes with industry’s leading analytics solutions, to help your organizations acquire deeper insights from their customer data and make better business decisions. By using Analytics solutions our clients gain a better understanding of their customers to gain insights to more profitable customer segments, identify new marketing opportunities and the key touch points that encourage customers to convert.

Being a marketing data analytics company, we would like to advice you that it is critical to understand out of box analytics solution, the digital experience platform is offering before you choose it.


Your analytics platform records data from hundreds or even thousands of website visits every day. The decision makers in your organization need to act quickly. They don’t have the time to read every detail of every report, so the analytics automatically must finds what’s important. Build simple visualizations that automatically update in real time, or generate beautiful Excel reports for email distribution. Analytics brings in the agility of your organization.

Customer Segmentation

Today’s customers demand personalized experiences and engaging content that effortlessly surfaces when it is most relevant. Surfacing the most relevant content requires a deep understanding of your customers’ interests. Customer segmentation is one of the key offering of Analytics platform, you can identify new customer segments and analyse the differences between them. Compare how different segments behave when viewing similar content to derive deeper insights about how you can adapt your marketing strategy.  Analytics help you identify your most profitable customer segments and it also teaches you how to market to them.

Rule-Based Automation

Analytics platform should be able to capture and record everything that happens on your web portal or website, we can use this information to change the way it is currently reacting to specific events if need be. Certain analytics platform also allows to create rules based on specific interactions, and have your website or marketing platform react automatically when those interactions occur. You can display targeted website content, activate a marketing campaign, send a message to a member of your mailing list and more.

Mobile App Analytics

Analytics should not be limited to web applications or website but it also should be able to record the way users interact with your mobile apps. Collecting usage information for your mobile apps can provide the insight necessary to improve performance and increase engagement. It should be able to use the same segmentation & automation capabilities to server mobile users the same personalized content that your web applications or website users are showing up.

Deep Marketing Attribution

It is important to analyse what is causing your customer to buy, Our team helps you configure and implement Analytics to help you see that.  Last click attribution doesn’t paint a complete picture of the touch points that drive your customers toward conversion. Did a customer buy from your company because of the newsletter that you recently sent to your mailing list or was the social media advertisement that the customer saw two weeks ago the touch point that made the difference? There are Analytics platform which utilizes machine learning to analyse customer behaviour and touch-points.  It creates algorithms with the understanding that often there are multiple touch-points that causes a customer to convert — so it assigns weights to different touch points to give you a clearer understanding of how your company’s marketing efforts drive conversions.  Contact us today to learn more.


To make greater use of your customer segments by automatically displaying relevant, personalized content , it is very important that your analytics platform is tightly integrated with the application platform(s) you have chosen for the suite of your enterprise applications, be it application portal, mobile apps or content portals. It also allows you to share data between Analytics and the digital applications to obtain deeper insights about how customers’ interactions with your ads relate to later interactions with your website.

Insights on Demand

On demand report generation is also one of the key feature that analytics platform should have. You can use the ad hoc reporting function to generate real-time reports about specific customer segments or to discover new segments. You can also use ad hoc reports for enhancing the overall user experience and increase user engagement, e.g. Analyze fine details of your website such as colors, element positions and sizes, font choices and different calls to action.